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The Invisible Guys are:

Arthur Jarvinen - bass, baritone guitar, vocals, odds & ends
Sean Heim - lead guitar
Robert Jacobson - rhythm guitar
Hunter Ochs - keyboards
M.B. Gordy - drums & percussion

Here are some snaps from a gig we did in January 2005, hosted by Newtown Pasadena Foundation for an art closing.

Here we are soundchecking, We heard some sound, so I guess that checked out okay.
Our friend Bob Fernandez sat in on timbales.

Richard Amromin testifies before the Supreme Audience. "Let me hear you say Ja!". M.B. dissents.

Invisible Sean serenades his new girlfriend (pictured right) while she does a body fluid transference ritual to celebrate their love.
He wishes he had a lute, that being the serenading instrument of choice, and he has heard that Jerry Jones is making a bithcin' replica of
the Coral Electric Lute made famous by Brian Jones. Alas, in the game of love, you gotta use what ya got, even if it's only a Mexican Strat.

In this scene Invisible Marvin is possessed by the demon of Joe Correro Jr., drummer for Paul Revere and the Raiders and later, Al Jarreau. At least he wasn't possessed by Al Jarreau!

A band prayer -

Dear God, please help us to negotiate this riduculous formal structure that is unnecessarily subtle especially considering this is supposedly surf music;
protect us from Arthur Jarvinen, who is obviously insane from wasting most of his productive years playing "new music" (although he's not bitter) -
and help him to remember where G# is on the B string so he doesn't distract me and cause me to fuck up my own part.


Invisible Hunter smiling in spite of the fact that we eliminated all his solos and only played the tunes that embarrass him.

The Blues Brothers - well, actually it's a cha-cha-cha (sort of). Art is not so much telling his story as
questioning God as to why he didn't give Finns any soul.

Invisible Robert gets the Miss Photogenic Award for this gig.

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