a real soundtrack for an imaginary spy film

by Arthur Jarvinen

all music, lyrics, text, characters, and the Invisible Guy logo copyright © 2002 - 2005 arthur jarvinen
published by leisure planet music (ascap)

Welcome to the Invisible Guy website.

Here you can follow the adventures of the world's most secret spy, meet all sorts of colorful characters, and listen to a whole lot of groovy music.

Here's how it works. Beginning in June 2005 a new episode will go online every week for about a year, like a serial novel. But don't worry about missing anything or being left behind; all the material will stay in place once uploaded. You can revisit any time, as often as you like, start at the top, go straight to the newest episode, or select from the table of contents. From any scene, links will take you forward or back sequentially through all the scenes currently online.

Keep in mind that this is "an imaginary spy film". Every scene has a tune and every tune has a scene, but it will help if you enjoy reading, listening, and using your imagination. There's no video or flash animation here; in that sense, maybe you could call this "adult entertainment".  There are also links to other fun and interesting sites, bits of trivia, and some informative detours. So keep your eyes open, and enjoy it all.
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