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Copyright © 2002 - 2005 Arthur Jarvinen

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Seeking a shortcut through a woods The Invisible Guy inadvertently wanders into the middle of a weekend warrior paintball combat range. Caught in the cross fire he gets paint splattered all over him, with no ready means to wash it off. Ironically, he is forced to subdue one of the combatants he spies crouching in the shrubbery, in order to steal his clothes so as to disguise himself and not attract undue attention. After all, it would hardly do for a man-sized blob of paint to go perambulating about the woods, now would it?
Claude, his Gucci camouflage rendering him virtually invisible to all but the most keen observer, takes in the scene while refreshing himself from his canteen of Evian water that he has had the foresight and good taste to delicately enhance with a wafer-thin slice of key lime, having just torn out a couple of pages from a six month old Soldier Of Fortune, which he has an immediate and special use for.

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