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Episode Thirty-Three -SURFIN' TURF

Copyright © 2003 - 2006 Arthur Jarvinen

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The Streets of San Francisco, North Beach. The Invisible Guy has rendezvoused with his old pal Steve MqPellitt, a tough streetwise ex-cop now in the private sector.

"But wait! Didn't we in the last scene witness the untimely demise of The Invisible Guy in a sand trap on a golf course during the off-season in San Tropez?" you may be inclined to ask, and justifiably so. Well, it did appear that way, did it not? However, seeing as The Invisible Guy had a much more pressing matter to attend to but his colleague was not prepared to discuss his business with anyone else, The Invisible Guy found it expedient to send Smith, Just Smith, cleverly disguised as The Invisible Guy to make the rendezvous on his behalf.

Alas, then he is dead, too much of sand, poor Smith.

Now, as we were saying…

MqPellitt can usually be counted on to know more than most about what's going on in the local underworld, and The Invisible Guy is looking forward to gaining some momentum on this particular case.

MqPellitt pretends to use a pay phone so as not to attract undue attention by appearing to be talking to himself, but just as he is getting to the nitty gritty a car glides up and a single silenced shot drops him to the pavement. As The Invisible Guy stoops over his dying friend, MqPellitt, with his final breath just manages to croak out a couple of cryptic words…


Being of no further use to his comrade, The Invisible Guy determines to pursue the assassins, but alas, lacks for a vehicle. Suddenly, a pathetically scrawny young lad sporting disproportionately baggy pants comes whizzing towards him on a really awesome skateboard that must have cost his dad a small fortune. The Invisible Guy wastes not a moment, and the kid finds himself lying on the sidewalk wondering "What the!!?" as his board careens down the street displaying every trick in the book, apparently of its own volition.

Claude, with a promising pint of oatmeal stout before him, observes from a table with a window onto the street in the brew pub just a few doors down from City Lights where only moments before he has found, to his delight, a used copy of the Artaud Anthology, which he has been in search of for some time, having lent his first one to an acquaintance who did not bother to return it.

Pictured: My copy of the Artaud Anthology, given to me by a friend in college, the same one who gave me my copy of John Cage's Silence. A garlic baker, which I strongly urge you to procure for yourself if you don't already have one.This was also given to me by a (different) friend.


Well, actually not so trivial. 2003 is the 50th anniversary of City Lights, a pretty big deal if you ask me. Click Artaud above to visit the City Lights web site for history and information.
City Lights is very near The Stinking Rose, a wonderful restaurant emphasizing garlic.

Footnote to trivia. That shows you just how long I've been working on this damn project! I made this web page in 2003, when I thought I was done with The Invisible Guy. Here it is three years later and I'm still recording, and haven't yet written the last two scenes. And all I wanted was to write a handful of surf tunes.

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