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Episode Forty-Four  - BEACH PARTY WITH LOLA

Copyright © 2002 - 2006 Arthur Jarvinen

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The Invisible Guy made it to shore safely, thanks to a fortuitously located Vox Phantom 12 string electric guitar and his uncanny surfing ability. "But what about Lola X?" you are inclined to ask, and justifiably so.

The clever girl knows The Inevitably Exploding Island and its facilities like the back of her hand, even the heavily guarded areas and secret chambers off limits to all but Mojo Stang and his most trusted henchmen, and so wasted no time in availing herself of Mojo Stang's personal mini-sub and amphibious vehicle, replete with all the amenities one could possibly desire during underwater excursions, whether for sightseeing or scientific endeavors, such as a full bar, popcorn maker, and state-of-the-art multimedia device along with pirated copies of all the latest and most popular CDs and DVDs, and also featuring an array of modular user-selectable camouflaged panels such that when on dry land it can remain inconspicuous in just about any environment, a typical example being the "Hum-V" mode, which is especially useful while cruising predominantly-white middle class suburban residential neighborhoods.

On this occasion Lola has selected the default setting for a typical beach landing, emerging from the surf in what would appear to be a cherry "woody" wagon, with surf boards on top all waxed and ready to go.

Sporting her "New-Faux" French bikini - which resembles nothing so much as a piece of see-through dental floss and is of course an affordable copy indistinguishable from the outrageously expensive designer original and recently introduced in Mojo Stang's Diabolical Factory and Outlet Store - Lola exits the amphibian and greets her lover.

The Invisible Guy is barely able to conceal his Invisible Delight at seeing once again the lovely Lola X alive and well, especially in this garb.

"Nice to see you again, too, mi invisible amante inmenso", Lola purrs, and …well – you connect the dots…

Meanwhile, as the Bohemioids happen to be on the scene, Skeeter grabs the 12 string and begins grooving ecstatically on the only two chords he knows, and Tick joins in on bongos while Rhonda and Nikki start making out because all the guys are too busy doing their own things.

A thousand burnt weenies and roasted marshmallows later, everyone seeming to have found a suitable partner, they all relax around the bonfire to the sweet strains of Jose Felicano on Lola's boombox.

Claude, enjoying by the light of his new Coleman lantern an old issue of Music Connection featuring John Trubee's interview with Gibby Hayes of the Butthole Surfers, extracts another longneck Budweiser from the cooler while lamenting the fact that it's been years since he was last able to find Hussong's beer, which though not great does hit the spot like nothing else on occasion, although what he found most appealing about it was the label, printed right on the bottle rather than being a glued-on paper one like those found on most other beers.

A Trubee drawing given to me by the artist, which usually hangs in my studio. John Trubee, composer, guitarist, poet, social critic. One of five copies made of a Trubee publication, generously bestowed on me by the author.

John Trubee's images © John Trubee, used by permission.

Click on the 1949 Plymouth woody wagon above to visit a nice site with more photos and info about its restoration.


We lost Zipper Ripper near the top of the show
And what happened to Twylyte we really don't know
And what's this thing about Tiny Bubbles?

That Nogudsguya got just what he deserved
And Smith, Just Smith, you must admit he's got nerve
And what's this thing about Tiny Bubbles?

Now Tiny and Marla, they make such a nice pair
And where's Mister Bunghole? We really don't care!
And what's this thing about Tiny Bubbles?

We saw the Bohemioids invent a new dance
The Invisible Guy got a new coat and pants
And what's this thing about Tiny Bubbles?

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