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Episode Thirty-Seven -THE BLUE DOWN UNDER (Jellyfish)

Copyright © 2002 - 2006 Arthur Jarvinen

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The Invisible Guy is scuba diving out to the Inevitably Exploding Island, as the perimeter waters are frequently though unpredictably patrolled, and it would hardly do for a "stray dingy" to be spotted floating towards shore and being fired upon with rifle grenades just to be sure.

Intuition prompting him, he looks up to discover a pulsating school of jellyfish descending and surrounding him. They're the small translucent kind that look like nothing so much as wet cellophane bags, and not poisonous either. The Invisible Guy is delighted that he can see right through them to the other fish swimming some distance away. He swims with the jellyfish, or they with him – who's to say – for a hundred feet or so, taking a strange comfort in their presence, before they vanish from sight and he finds himself approaching shallow water and the necessity of negotiating a beach exit from the surf.


Claude is in a skiff just off shore revisiting by flashlight a childhood favorite, the Classics Illustrated comic book version of Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, while savoring the texture of a mouthful of Clamato.
Moon Jellyfish - NOAA Photo Library, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Staff Photo