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Copyright © 2002 - 2005  Arthur Jarvinen

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Suggested Procedure: READ FIRST, then CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. And be sure to read about "Why this piece sounds the way it does".

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Pacific Coast Highway, heading north from L.A. to the Bay in a "beat" up Chevy convertible. An obscure radio station's serving up "Third Stream" jazz. Nikki and Brewster in the front seat, Brewster at the wheel. Skeeter and Tick in the back seat, with Rhonda in between 'em. Nikki and Brewster are an item, but Rhonda can't be pinned down; she loves them all, even Nikki sometimes.

Skeeter's a poet, making it up on the fly as they roll down the highway under the California sky.

                Like an Eskimo unto the city, so am I
                But no madman am I

                Nomad, man am I!

                I am that I am
                A yam
                That... I am

                What I see in my minds' eye

                And my mind sighs

                When I see


Rhonda, moved almost to tears by the combination of the music and Skeeter's words, insists that they pull over. She pulls down her top half-way, gets on the hood of the car and does an interpretive dance while Tick tries to find his bongos.

Having gotten that out of her system, Rhonda and our happy bohemioids retake the road, heading up to Big Sur where they'll spend a night or two before driving on to the city where they know some local hipsters they can crash with for a while.


Claude, both slightly bemused and even more slightly amused by these events, which he has disengagedly observed from a turnout just up the road, extracts a warm jug of Gallo from his knapsack and takes a couple swallows before returning his attention to a well-worn copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Universe.

So, you think it would be really groovy to be a bohemioid and whimsically traverse the Leisure Planet without a care in the world. Of course, that goes without saying, and now it's easier than ever with the Be A Bohemioid Starter Kit.

Real-As-Life goatee"French Sailor" teeBeretEssential Reading

The author wishes to confess that he stole the first line of Skeeter's poem from Toby Holmes. He didn't seem to be using it, and it was too good to let go to waste. For that matter, Toby also coined the word "bohemioids".
Also, it should be noted for the record that "The Leisure Planet" is the invention of Matthew Easton. If I recall my "space geography" correctly, it's in the same solar system as the Barbeque Planet.

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