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Episode Eleven - EBB TIDE

Copyright © 2002 - 2005  Arthur Jarvinen

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The Invisible Guy is on the beach, alone, at sundown, nostalgically reflecting upon his now-over relationship with Twylyte, the only true love of his life. As he thinks back on the good times, cherishing the special moments, just for an instant, through a tear-drenched contact lens he glimpses, in the rapidly fading sunbeams refracted off the calm, cool water, ever so fleetingly, the ghost of Brian Wilson - which is particularly confusing and even more disturbing to The Invisible Guy, as Brian Wilson is still very much alive and well as far as he knows. "Perhaps it's Carl" speculates the Invisible Guy, but immediately remembers that one's first impulse in these situations is more often correct. "Don't think too long or you'll think wrong" he recalls an elderly neighbor saying once, long ago.

He rubs his eyes, clearing the tears, and looks out over the water again, and sure enough - there's Brian! The Invisible Guy finds himself suddenly elated and optimistic, convinced that Brian's ghost is about to give him some words of assurance, which The Invisible Guy is most eagerly waiting to hear, accept, and take solace in. To The Invisible Guy's disappointment however, Brian vanishes as quickly as he had appeared, leaving the Invisible Guy to his solitary reminiscence on the lonely beach.


Claude, in the relative comfort of a hastily-yet skillfully-constructed makeshift lean-to on the bluff overlooking the beach, having just dog-eared page 33 of The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay (or is it Lindsey?) and desiring to moisten his lips, pauses briefly to reflect before breaking the seal on an ampoule purported to contain the very tears of Christ, which he purchased from a street vendor in Italy some years ago, but not before haggling the man down to less than half the going rate for such rare specimens.

Photo of Mölle Peninsula, Sweden, by Joe Holmquist. Used by permission.
Click on it to visit Joe's World and enjoy his other photos of beautiful places.

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